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Funny and educational

Children looking at a cube Father and daughter Couple and illustrations
 children climbing bridge children playing in a wooden boar


Parc Chlorophylle is situated in 500 hectares of woody territory. It's the ideal place for a day of familyrecreation linked to the educational.

The whole family can discover this big naturereserve through themes like the forest and nature. A pedagogical walk of 2 kilometers, marked by didactical posters allows you to learn about nature in a playfull manner. The route counts 33 attractions in wood in both the educational and playingzones. We are very proud of our walking bridge that brings you high up in the trees. It has a length of 40 meters and is about 15 meters high. It allows you to discover the life in the highest region of the forest.

Of course we won't forget to mention our playing ground which is constructed in wood and has nature for a theme.

The park mingles in a perfect way education and entertainment.

Special family tariff : 6,30 € per person ( 2 parents maximum + 2 children minimum, from 3 to 12 years old). If you wish to come back within 4 months, then the next visits only cost 4 € per person.